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Why Choose Jimafor Forging
Design&Innovation Capability

Jimafor has been placing great emphasis on custom forged parts and mould's development, design and innovation and manufacturing and other drawing and sample production.

Rich Manufacturing Experience

Metal forgings suppliers of high-end new energy vehicle aluminum alloy components such as BYD, Great Wall, BAIC, etc.

Quanlification of Raw Materials

Material is the life of forgings. The quality of custom metal forgings has always been inseparable from the quality of materials.

Standardized Quality Inspection

The quality control facilities (equipments, instruments and talents) are available, including: 3 ways measures, metallographic examination, intensity testing, material composition testing, measure inspection, etc.  The academic research base has been founded in cooperating with universities and the practical training station has been setup for graduate students.

Technical Advantages
  • We forging parts company have been passed the quality attestation of ISO2001-9000, and has established a comprehensive ISO quality control system.  Now the TS16949 management system is in process.

  • Member unit of National Forging, Heat Treatment and Mold Standardization Technical Committee

Advanced Production Equipment Capabilities

  • With China's first 20T full hydraulic die forging hammer production line, can produce max .about 500kg of with precise dimensions and beautiful forming and 5T/3T/50KJ full hydraulic die forging hammer production line ,min 0.5kgs 

  • The forging parts company has 4 sets of 9000T, 4000T, 2500T, and 1500T Forging Press Machines And Ring forging machine,and can meet parts of different sizes/weight .

  • We possess 4 sets of quenching and tempering heat treatment system, we have dozens sets of all kinds of heating furnace, continuous furnace, annealing furnace, tempering furnace, hardening furnace and heat treatment furnace, 40 sets of heavy-duty processing equipment such as heavy-duty engine lathe and deep hole boring machine, with an annual processing capacity of over 200,000t.

  • High precision CNC Maching centers 10sets

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About JimaFor

Mainly products: all kinds of forgings, ring forgings,heavy load gear, tube-shaped forging, die block, , disk-shaped forging,Forgings of pipe flanges,automobile hubs,half shafts,disc gears,sprockets,precision shafts,various steel forging in the shapes of shaft etc.

Capacity: Our annual output is 600000pcs Forgings Parts

JimaFor, a trusted forging manufacturer, has long term focused on the production of large China forging parts, production technologies include metal forging processing,heat treatment,mechanical processingetc. At present, it has formed a complete production process accessories chain.

Capability of fully automatic peeling, blanking, forging heat treatment and surface treatment of raw materials, hot forged ,cold forging and warm forging, and mechanical processing after forging. 

Material is the life of forgings. The quality of forgings has always been inseparable from the quality of materials.

As a renowned forging parts manufacturer, JimaFor relies on its own technical advantages, starting from making materials, and making its own high-quality aluminum alloy forgings. From the beginning of material smelting, material composition, microstructure, performance, material deformation process, forging streamline, forging heat treatment, metallographic structure, forging surface and appearance, forging thermal stability, etc., to fully control the quality of custom metal forgings.

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Materials for Custom Metal Forging

Always hold on some available hard aluminum alloy materials stock with 2014 2024 2214 2218 2219 2618 2017 5083 6061 6063 6082 7049 7075 7050 7079 7475 7178 7475 7175 7A04 etc.

Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel Materials With Stock :10# 20# 35# 45# Q235 Q345 40Cr 20CrMo 35CrMo 42CrMo 20CrNiMo 20CrMnTi 20CrMnMo 16MnCr5 ...

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel :304(L) 316(L) 2Cr13 2507...

Aluminum Alloy Forged Parts Series Products
1.Vehicle Chassis Security Series
1.Vehicle Chassis Security Series
2.Commercial Vehicle Chassis Forging Series
2.Commercial Vehicle Chassis Forging Series

JimaFor Custom Metal Forging Process Video

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